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In today’s highly competitive market, it’s more important than ever to create a strong and memorable brand identity that sets your business apart from the rest. Brand design is the process of creating a visual and emotional representation of your brand that reflects its unique personality, values, and objectives. This includes developing your brand’s logo, web presence, printed media, overall color palette, and other visual elements that make up your brand’s complete aesthetic.

At its core, brand design is about building trust with your customers by communicating who you are, what you stand for, and why you’re different. It’s about creating a consistent and cohesive brand experience across all touchpoints, from your business cards to your social media profiles. A well-designed brand can help you attract new customers, retain existing ones, and build a loyal following that advocates for your brand.

Branding Example

Rent World came to us originally to have us redesign their logo and website. Once they knew they liked the result, they began stretching out their branding with having us design monthly advertising mailers, door hangers, various types of interior signage, banner stands, and then eventually, a new wrap for their box trucks.

brand development example of a logo
brand development example of a website
brand development example of a mailer
brand development example of door hanger graphics
Door Hangers
Brand Development example of a box truck graphic
Box Truck
brand development example of indoor signage
Store Signage
brand development example of a banner stand
Banner Stands

7 Areas Of Brand Design

Logo Design

A unique and memorable logo that represents the essence of the brand is often the first step in brand design. The logo should be easily recognizable and convey the personality of the brand.


The use of consistent typography across various touchpoints, such as websites, packaging, and marketing materials, can help establish a cohesive brand identity.

Color Palette

The choice of colors can have a significant impact on the overall feel and perception of a brand. A well-designed color palette can create a visual identity that reflects the brand’s personality and values.

Brand Messaging

The tone, voice, and messaging used across various platforms can help establish a brand’s personality, and ensure consistency and familiarity. Taglines and Copywriting are an example.

Graphic Elements

Graphic elements such as patterns, shapes, and illustrations, can help create a visual identity that conveys the brand’s personality and values.

Photography / Imagery

The use of consistent photography and imagery can help establish a recognizable visual identity that reflects the brand’s values and personality.

Visual Mediums

Brand design is the effort to create a familiar and recognizable brand that is cohesive throughout everything produced. Logo, website, social media, packaging, advertising and so on.

Happy Clients...
"Gino Tucillo's work is second to none. As an amateur web designer myself, I am keenly aware of how much creativity and technical know-how is required to build an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly site. Needless to say, Gino has captured both elements with expert precision. In addition, his video production skills are uniquely impressive. It is clear that he understands marketing; and perhaps more importantly, he understands professionalism."
Terrence Houck
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