Photo Editing

Bring Your Best Memories To Life.

Every photo has the potential to tell a unique and captivating story. We provide professional photo editing services that help bring out the best in your images, whether you’re a professional photographer or simply someone who has moments you want captured in their best light.

Featured Photo Edits

before photo editing example of a family

Original photo was blurry with dull color and too low of a resolution to print.

photo editing example of a family

Increased resolution for larger printing. Sharpened image and color corrected.

before photo editing example of a woman holding a golfing award

Original photo was too low of a resolution to print. Many things were wrong with this original photo.

after photo editing example of a woman holding a golfing award

Increased resolution for larger printing. Sharpened image, color and shadows corrected, removed photographer’s shadow, removed trash can and cigarette dispenser, replaced dead flowers.

photo editing example of an unfinished home

Original photo was too dark and crooked. Client was needing a decent model home to advertise while waiting on landscaping.

photo editing example of a finished composite of a home

Replaced sky, added grass, removed sign, flags, and various debris. Straightened home, brightened shadows, added sunlight, removed window decals and added landscaping.

The Photo Editing Services We Provide...


  • Restore old photos that have faded from sun or age.
  • Repair newer photos that have become damaged.
  • Creases and nicks.
  • Fill in a missing piece.
  • Removal of dust particles or stains.


  • Correcting color to make more vivid.
  • Brighten underexposed photos.
  • Sharpening photos that are a bit blurry.
  • Enlargements.
  • Noise removal.
  • Cropping and alignment.


  • Removing the photo-bomber or uninvited guest.
  • Switch out backgrounds.
  • Relocation of photo elements.
  • Overlays and/or effects.
  • Editing of age, hairline, expression, body structure, etc.

*Please Note: Photo editing is not a one click magical solution, with super secret software. There are many filters and apps now available that allow for quick and sometimes amazing results. However, these do not always produce perfect or intended results and especially if you’re looking for a professional looking outcome that only a human can provide.

Photo Editing is also not a one-size-fits-all. There are some that are beyond repair or adjustment. Please view our process below for how we try to weed out these types of jobs to avoid wasting anyone’s time or $.


Review and Approve

You’ll first be asked to send your photo by email or Dropbox for us to review. If we feel confident that it’s a photo that we can enhance and improve for you, we’ll approve it to move forward or let you know why we can’t.

Quote and Deposit

If the photo is approved, we’ll quote the cost up front and if you want to move forward, we’ll ask for a 50% deposit of the total cost to put you into our timeline. You’ll receive an invoice for the deposit that can be paid online.

Proof to Final File

You will be sent a proof for your approval. If approved, you will receive an online invoice for the balance. Once paid, we will send you the final high resolution image file.

Additional Edits

Any additional edits that are added on after the initial quote will be welcomed but at an additional cost of our regular hourly rate. If changes are significant, an additional quote and deposit may be required.

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