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Logo design is the process of creating a visual representation of a brand or company. It is one of the most important aspects of branding and is a crucial element in establishing brand recognition and differentiation in a crowded market. A well-designed logo can communicate the values, mission, and personality of a company, as well as create a sense of trust and familiarity with its target audience.

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Our Logo Design Process...

Logo Design Brief

We will provide you with a design brief to answer before beginning work. This will help us to focus in on your preferred colors, fonts, tagline, and overall theme.

Multiple Versions

Depending on your budget, we will provide three to ten logo concepts. This allows you to choose elements that you like from each and to put those towards a final design when useful.


You will receive proofs throughout the process and have complete control of the direction until you’ve approved a final logo design you love.

Final Logo Files

Once we have designed the logo you love, we will provide a full logo bundle with every common file type, color mode, and size for both web and print. We will also provide a logo guide for you to refer to.

Still Here For You

You may run into a time when someone is asking for a less common file type you didn’t receive or maybe you’re not sure about which one to use in a certain situation. Just reach out… we keep all of our previous designs on file and will always be happy to help!

What A Well Designed Logo Can Do For You

Flexible and Cohesive

A good logo should be simple, memorable, and versatile. It should be easily recognizable and legible at both small and large sizes, and it should work well in a variety of formats, such as print and digital media. It should also be consistent with the company’s brand identity, incorporating the same colors, typography, and other visual elements used in other marketing materials.

Establishes Brand Identity

A well-designed logo can have a significant impact on a company’s success. It can help to establish a strong brand identity, build customer loyalty, and differentiate the company from its competitors. It can also be a powerful marketing tool, serving as a visual representation of the company in advertising and promotional materials.

Attention To Detail

Overall, logo design is a critical aspect of branding, and should be approached with care and attention to detail. With the right designer and a clear understanding of the company’s goals and target audience, a well-designed logo can help to establish a strong and recognizable brand identity that will resonate with customers and drive business success.

Happy Clients...
"Wonderful artist. BubbleHouse Designs helped design my logo and entire website which has increased my sales and gotten me several opportunities. The communication was great, I was in the loop through the entire process and felt like I had control over my design. Overall great service. I highly recommend!"
Brianna Berg
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