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Bring Your Website Out Of The Shadows.

Onsite SEO is implemented through a range of techniques, including optimizing content with relevant keywords, structuring content with header tags, optimizing images and videos, and using meta tags to provide additional information to search engines. Internal linking is also used to help search engines understand the structure of the website and the relationships between different pages.

Onsite SEO involves ensuring that the website’s content and structure are optimized for both users and search engines, helping to improve the website’s visibility and ranking on search engine results pages.


Types Of Websites We'll Consider For Optimization

WordPress websites as well as most DIY / Website Builder sites, we’ll consider for optimization. These would include websites such as Wix, SquareSpace, Weebly, and hosting based builders.

Have Your Logins Ready

You’ll need to be able to either provide us with your website login or set administrative level permissions for us to login.

Review To Approve For Quote

We will need to be able to login to your website to do a full review before anything else. No two websites are built the same so we’ll need to establish exactly how much is either incorrect or missing as well as the overall health of your website before approving and quoting you.

Quote and Approval

If we feel confident that we can improve your onsite SEO, we will provide you with a quote.

Cost Can Be A Spectrum

Everyone’s SEO needs are different. There are basics we can provide just to get you showing up. Or we can hit all the options. This is why you will more often be asked about the budget you’re willing to spend.

In some cases, it’s smarter to begin with the basics, wait a month or two, and then hit it again if you’re still needing/wanting a better ranking.

Deposit and Timeline

 If you agree to move forward, we will email you an invoice for a 50% deposit of the full quote which can be paid online. Once we receive your deposit, we will put you into our timeline and provide an estimate of time for completion.

Our Success Rate

Not all DIY website platforms are created equally and some simply don’t rank well regardless. This can be a deeper issue with the chosen template or numerous other issues.

However, in many cases, we have success in taking a website that had zero onsite SEO and was previously invisible in search engines and having them show up in the top 3 pages of Google for your area.

No Guarantees / No Refunds

That title may hit as a bit harsh but here’s why. Anyone who ‘guarantees’ you that they’ll have you on page 1 of Google or even the very top of Google, would have to be either naive or without shame.

What we WILL do however, is our best work.

Some Need-To-Knows About SEO Services

Why The Uncertainty

You never know with SEO, what trick your competitor has up their sleeve. You could be 5 ahead of them one week and 5 behind the next if they just paid for more tricks than you. Or a new kid could come to town and knock you both back to page 2. Your search engine rankings can and will fluctuate regardless of what you do and for a whole host of reasons.

Onsite SEO Is #1... Always

We provide this service simply because we provide it for every new website we build and we know that it is THE MOST primary and important place to begin with SEO and to see positive results quickly ‘on a local level’.

A Bit Of Caution

I should note that the following is no way intended to demonize SEO or ‘true’ SEO experts. This is more of a warning for what I’ve witnessed with those who are not what they say they are. I do however know some very honest and talented SEO professionals.

When we launch a client’s new website out into the world and with all of the onsite SEO already built into it… there are some who will run right out there into the arms of a so-called ‘SEO Expert’ even though we’ve informed them that it will be too soon and maybe not even necessary. After all, it’s usually a very costly process to begin with and not all of these folks are quality professionals.

Some SEO folks (the super shady ones) have the ability to smell a fresh website online immediately and will begin fear mongering you right out of the gate with a fake SEO review that they claim they took of your site. I’ve had them do it to us and many of our clients and their “free report” will usually claim all of the standard issues they expect to find but will be evident (to a professional) that they didn’t even take the time to do an actual review. Unfortunately, it’s a market peppered with lots of scammers – is the ‘caution’ part.

The reason I mention this is because I’ve had clients get trapped into this net sometimes only 1 or 2 weeks after launching a beautifully designed custom website that took months to build and was already primed to rank well. Some of these people have managed to pull my clients completely out of their custom website and into a cheap cookie-cutter template site instead, charge them $3,000 a month for their ongoing hosting, site rental, SEO reports and ‘automated’ SEO efforts. And the real fun is that the client usually doesn’t even own the website if they want out. And they often don’t end up ranking as well as promised in the end after all of that fun and expense.

I know because I’ve had a few clients come back to me to tell me their story and ask me to put them back into the website I built for them. I also know how this works because many of them try to scam me as well. Some are like hungry sharks just nipping at anything they find in their feeding frenzy.

There are also what’s called ‘black hat’ SEO folks using shady or outdated practices which can actually get your website buried and banned by Google. At least for a time.

So… all I’m saying is that it can be a very costly mistake if you don’t at least make sure that an SEO person is vetted and experienced before all else. If we can ever assist you in being sure you won’t be diving in with the sharks, we would be happy to.

A Final Note

Most of the websites we custom build from scratch are not only beautifully made but often end up on page one of Google. Sometimes, it even surprises us but what we do with just onsite SEO, seems to work most of the time.

However, if you’re in a very competitive industry like Real Estate or you’re competing with very large corporations or industries on a national level, that’s the only time I’d say to prepare a budget for external SEO right out of the gate.

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